Our Company


Our Capabilities

We are a full service custom manufacturer specializing in bee products (Royal Jelly, Honey, Bee Pollen, Propolis, Beeswax), natural herbal products, beverages and food supplements. We offer research and development, formulation services and testing by experienced professionals. 

Our manufacturing capabilities range from tablet, powder, granule, capsule, gelatin and oral liquid, etc. We also have capabilities to fill a variety of components, such as bottles, blister packs, sachets, drums, plastic and aluminum foils. All orders follow a sophisticated tracking system to ensure timely, organized completion of all products. 


Global Endorsements

Our products are manufactured under GMP, ISO, HACCP and Halal certification. We conform to the highest health and quality standards to meet market requirements and health authorities. Our products come with all relevant documentations for product registration. All of our products meet the standards set by the relevant health authorities in which our products are sold.