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The Secret to Balanced Healthy Living

Improper nutrition and unbalanced lifestyles are key factors that drastically shorten our lifespan. However what is frightening is that the increased consumption of artificial, high cholesterol food and those that use preservatives and colouring are not only resulting in shorter lifespans but also various illnesses.

To make matters worse, lifestyles too have changed. Excessive stress and strain, imbalance between work and rest and the faster pace of life are causing undue pressure on human beings and thereby affecting how long we live.

More than ever before doctors advise patients that their health is in their hands and that proper nutrition as well as a balanced lifestyle are key ingredients in prolonging lifespans.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the human body is viewed as an organic whole, formed by many parts. NARISH Classic is capable of thoroughly regulating the functions of the human organs and tissues by keeping them in balance and prolonging your lifespan. This is done by fusing Yin, Yang and the 5 elements with pure and natural herbal recipes as well as modern health techniques.

Its unique formulae of blending Yin, Yang and the 5 elements with rare herbs through modern methods has resulted in an ideal way to slow down the ageing process and prolong youthfulness and lifespan.

NARISH Classic contains some of the finest and rarest ingredients blended together in perfect proportions to provide the following benefits:


• Helps to instantly invigorate the body

• Helps to promote metabolism

• Assists in improving mental health

• Aids in strengthen the immune system

• Assists in promoting blood circulation and improve blood flow

• Aids to prevent the growth of free radicals in the body

• Assist in maintaining youthfulness