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Memory Enhancer

Due to a hectic lifestyle, people nowadays often suffer from stress and mental fatigue. This can result in other secondary illnesses such as insomnia and hypertension that sometimes also affect the middle-aged and elderly.

Menta Gain is a herbal supplement specially formulated to provide optimal nourishment especially for the brain. It contains Ginseng, walnuts, royal jelly, longan, wolfberry and dates that are rich in nutrients most suitable for the brain.

Menta Gain promotes brain cells development, brain metabolic activities, intelligence, memory, concentration ability and alertness.

Benefits :

• Strengthens brain functions

• Improves memory and intelligence

• Helps to reduce mental fatigue

• Promotes mental alertness

• Helps to calm the mind and improve concentration

• Enhances learning ability

• Enhances analytical and judgment skill

• Improves vision